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2006 Playoffs  

Friday 6th October

Bylet made history tonight as they became the first relegated team to regain their Premier League status when they defeated White Horse by 9 shots at Sir John Bayley tonight. Star player Scott Harries gave his captain and father, Mick Harries a dream start when he won 21-4 but Bylet were only 3 up after the first four as both Darren Bailey and Paul Powell won to 10 & 14 respectively for the "Horse".  Phil Craggs was the first match to end in the middle four and his 21-12 win put the "Horse" 5 up but Bylet had three winners including a 21-4 for Kevin Brazier and they were 23 up as the back four went on.  Ian Charles reduced the deficit to 9 with a 21-7 win and it was all to play four and all the last three games were close affairs. Fittingly it was Bylet captain, Mick Harries who decided the outcome when he win 21-17 to seal  a deserved win and wipe out the bad memories of their defeat against Ford in 2001.


Match by Match

Kevin Bibb 4-21 Scott Harries

Scott Harries played very well to go 9-0 up. Kevin had a run of two but Scott got the block back and played some great woods. Gave Bylet a very good start.

Gavin Bridge 17-21 Tim Ealey

A very close game. Gavin played very well at the start to go about 10-4 up, but Tim played well to get back to 12 across, and each player played some good woods, until Tim found a mark near the end and run out form 17 across.

Paul Powell 21-14 Roger Jones

Paul played well despite being short a few times. Roger played some good woods to get his points.

Darren Bailey 21-10 George Eddowes

Didn't see much of this game, but Darren played some good woods.

First 4: White Horse 63-66 Bylet

A good start by Bylet was pegged back by White Horse, but Tim manged to win a key game to give Bylet a narrow lead.

Rob Wilkinson 19-21 Tony Steadmen

Another close game with some close ends. Tony seemed to be always up, but Rob got back to 19 across, before Tony got a good two to win.

Dan Daves 12-21 Russell Morris

Dan Davies had a good start, but Russell got a mark across the crown and bowled like a machine. Dan got the block back at 13-6? down and played some decent woods, but Russell got the block back and they had some very good ends at the finish.

Phil Craggs 21-13 Greg Wale

Phil played well full corners to seemingly run out on Greg. Greg though had some bad luck, he was always up in the end and the rubs didn't quite go his way.

Graham Hollis 4-21 Kevin Brazier

Didn't see much of this game until i saw Kevin was 13-2 up. He played some very good woods at the end, but Graham didn't play to his full potential.

Middle 4: White Horse 119-142 Bylet
Bylet had a very good middle four even though White Horse went 5 up after Phil won.

John Lovett 17-21 Mick Harries

A very close game, but Mick always was a couple up. He made his two's count. Mick played a great wood to win the game. John had one, full corners, about 6 inches from the block, and Mick nudged his wood and block to count on a tight measure. John played well, but Mick had a decent run in the middle to go 11-6 up and never let go of his advantage.

Ian Charles 21-7 Jamie Chater

Ian played very well to go 10-2 up. Jamie then got three to pull back to 10-5 down, but Ian played well on a straight mark to win. Jamie could have played better, but the staffs county player played very well

John Picken 21-19 Graham Morris

Another close game, and some great woods throughout. John had a decent run in the middle, but Graham played one of the best woods i have ever seen. At 16-12 down in the corners, John had two about four inches from the block, and Graham went between the gap and rested on the block. Great wood to get a swing of three. Played some good woods after to get 19.

John Cooke 21-19 Andy James

Andy had a good start but a fired up Cookey pulled it back and took a narrow lead, which he kept to the finish. Both played some good woods.

Back 4: White Horse 199-208 Bylet

A very vocal back four, and after Ian Charles won, White Horse sensed they had a chance, and were starting to play well. But none of them could get a decent run going, and Bylet picked up chalks here and there, and after Mick won, the game was won.

Overall a high quality game was seen in front of a 350 plus crowd. A very close finish at the end, but ultimately two 4 cards proved to be White Horse's downfall.

Pictured above are the two captains Graham Hollis and Mick Harries with

League Vice Chairman John Coxill (Far left) and match referee Dave Card (Far right)

 Full Match details: 

             White Horse B.C.                  v                      Bylet B.C







Kevin Bibb


Scott Harries



Gavin Bridge


Tim Ealey



Paul Powell


Roger Jones



Darren Bailey


George Eddowes



Rob Wilkinson


Tony Steadmen



Dan Davies


Russell Morris



Phil Craggs


Greg Wale



Graham Hollis


Kevin Brazier



John Lovett


Mick Harries



Ian Charles


Jamie Chater



John Picken


Graham Morris



John Cooke


Andy James








Bylet win by 9 chalks


The winning team Bylet, Back Row: Graham, Morris , Tony Steadman, Jamie Chater, Scott Harries, Greg Wale, Roger Jones, Andy James.

Front Row:  Tim Ealey, Russell Morris, Mick Harries (capt), Kevin Brazier, George Eddowes

Defeated White Horse, (from left) John Picken, Dan Davies, Keith Bibb, Nigel Barnes, John Lovatt,

Darren Bailey, Gavin Bridge, Rob Wilkinson, Graham Hollis, Paul Powell, Phil Craggs, John Cooke, Ian Charles