2007 Individual Merit


INDIVIDUAL MERIT for the John Coxill Trophy


Farmer reaps the harvest for the fourth time.....................



Peter Farmer (left) receives the Individual Merit "John Coxill" Trophy from the donor himself

The Premier League Merit, held at Prees Bowling Club, on Sunday 29th July, was won for the fourth time by Peter Farmer (St Georges). There was 38 entries in total although disappointingly only 26 actually took part.  A number of clubs were not represented today and this represents the lowest entry in the fourteen years it has been held.

The final saw Pete Farmer, of St Georges, leading from the start as he opened up a 6-0 lead on his favoured corner mark, which he used throughout the day, especially later on in the quarters and semis. But, coincidentally, Paul Williams had used a similar corner mark to great effect for dispatching his opponents throughout the day as well. He scored two singles on this mark before Pete had a run of three. The next three ends saw three two's scored, two of them to Paul, which saw his deficit reduced to 11-6. The next end was the defining moment of the final. Paul changed the mark and played this finger pegging mark from the corner to the far middle of the green. He led one 8 inches on the side, but Pete managed to play one 6 inches behind and win the end. He then played back into the corner and scored another single. He then had a run on his corner mark to lead 18-6, and although Paul battled, Pete used his early lead to win 9.

In the semis, Paul Williams managed to see off Alan Davidson of Newport 17 after leading 10-1 and 19-9 and then being game on. The other semi saw a nip and tuck game between Pete Farmer and Peter Grimston, before Farmer made a decisive run of three two's from 15-14 up to run out.

Full Results

1st round: Dan Hand (Newport) 16, Dave King (St Georges) 21; Dale Downes (Wrock Wood) 21, Tony Hothckiss 8 (Meole Brace); Chris Brettell (Wem USC) 21, Luke Jones (Castlefields) 15; Paul Williams (Castlefields) 21, Chris Worthington (Sir John Bayley) 6; Alan Davidson (Newport) 21, Phil Clee (Wrock Wood) 20; Phil Emery (Newport) 21, Graham Dulson (Wem USC) 12; Adam Mountford (Childs Ercall) 19, Ian Whittington (Newport) 21; Charlie Weaver (Chester Road) 21, Ben Gibson (Childs Ercall) 11; Paul Latham (Chester Road) 13, Callum Wraight (Castlefields) 21; Stuart Rutter (Wrock Wood) 21, Tony Rhodes (St Georges) 16:

2nd round: Dave King (St Georges) 13, Dale Downes (Wrock Wood) 21; Chris Brettell (Wem USC) 14, Paul Williams (Castlefields) 21; Alan Davidson (Newport) 21, Phil Emery (Newport) 15; Ian Whittington (Newport) 17, Charlie Weaver (Chester Road) 21; Callum Wraight (Castlefields) 13, Stuart Rutter (Wrock Wood) 21; Martyn France (Newport) 18, Pete Farmer (St Georges) 21; Martin Williams (Wrock Wood) 10, Clay Flattley (Castlefields) 21; Peter Grimston (Sir John Bayley) 21, John Coxill (Ford) 7:

Quarter Finals: Downes 11, Williams 21; Davidson 21, Weaver 14; Rutter 15, Farmer 21; Flattley 19, Grimston 21:

Semi Finals:  Williams 21, Davidson 17; Farmer 21, Grimston 14: 

Final: Farmer 21 Williams 9


Pictured above are today's semi finalists with the Trophy donor John Coxill (Centre Left) & Norman Ford, Referree  

(From left)   Paul Williams, Alan Davidson, Peter Grimston, Peter Farmer.


Pictured above , Peter Farmer in quarter final action against Stuart Rutter at Prees