2008 Individual Merit


INDIVIDUAL MERIT for the John Coxill Trophy


Nap Hand for Farmer as he wins title for fifth time.....................


Peter Farmer (right) receives the Individual Merit "John Coxill" Trophy from the donor himself

with Runner Up Andy Duckett pictured left


The Premier League Merit, held at Telepost Bowling Club, on Monday 25th August, was won for the fifth time by Peter Farmer (St Georges). There were only 26 entries in total with 24 taking part.  A number of clubs were not represented today and this represents by far the lowest entry in the fifteen years it has been held.

The final saw Pete Farmer, of St Georges, racing to an early 7-1 lead and then he had an 11-3 lead before Andy Duckett recovered to 14-8. In an even exchange of chalks Peter maintained his advantage and lead 18-12 on his favoured corner mark. Andy then fought back to 18-18 until Peter found a bowl to retake the lead at 19-18 and then with his last bowl at the next end Andy had some cruel luck when he played through and hit the jack to Peters back bowl to leave Peter needing one more chalk for victory. Leading out at 20-18 he was game on until Andy counted with his last bowl. At 19-20 Andy lead a bad bowl which was punished by Peter and whilst he recovered to bowl one 18 inches on the side Peter played the perfect bowl to clinch the title for the fifth time

In the semis, Peter managed to see off Man of the Moment Clay Flattley of Castlefields 14. The other semi saw a nip and tuck game between Andy Duckett and Charlie Weaver, before Duckett made it through to 19.

Full Results

Last 16: John Coxill (Ford)11, Clay Flattley (Castlefields) 21; Nick Davies (Ford) 16, Mark Holland (Chester Road) 32; Peter Farmer ( St Georges) 21, Mark Thomas (Meole Brace) 11; Dave Ellis (Ford) 19, Gavin Taylor (S J Bayley) 21; Ryan Stevens (Wrockwardine Wood) 19; Charlie Weaver (Chester Road 21; Colin Beaman (Meole Brace) 20, Wayne Phillips (Meole Brace) 21; Andy Duckett (CHester Road) 21, Callum Wraight (Castlefields) 12; Dale Rudrum (Newport) 18, Phil Emery (Newport) 21;

 Quarter Finals:  Flattley 21, Holland 5; Farmer 21 Taylor 6; Weaver 21, Phillips 18; Duckett 21, Emery 11:

 Semi Finals; Farmer 21, Flattley 14;  Duckett 21, Weaver 19:  

Final Farmer 21,   Duckett 19: