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2008 Playoffs  

Friday 3rd October

Full Match details: 

            Donnington Wood B.C.               v                     Bowring B.C

                Brian Jarvis                             7         21             Roy Bradburn
             Mark Selley                            21        20             Rich Lawson
            Alan Meredith                         6          21             Dave Bicker
            Mark Williams                         21       19             Pete Roden
            Fred Watkins                           15       21             Glyn Hayward
            Tom Cooper                             15      21             Steve Parton
            Nigel Simpson                         20        21             Neil Harding
            Jim Fletcher                             16        21             Rob Roden
            Simon Gerrard                         21       13             Josh Bradburn
            Ashley Hammond                   20        21             Steve Cox
            Andy Newman                        21         9             Andy Jones
            Dave Birch                             16        21             Steve Worthington

Bowring won by 30.


Bowring had eight winners and in front of a crowd of more than 350 join the Premier League elite for the first time and we now lose a founder member of the league in Donnington Wood and I hope that they are able to challenge for a quick return as soon as possible.


Bowring were never behind as Dave Bicker played well over the middle to pretty much run out from 5 across against Donnington captain Alan Meredith. then Roy Bradburn played a straight mark really well to win 7 meaning that Bowring were already 29 up off two cards. Pete Roden had a good start as well as Rich Lawson who went 11-4 up and it looked very bleak for Donnington. But Mark Selley and Mark Williams both battled well and got back in their games, Selley on short round pegs and Willy on the longer marks. Selley beat Rich 20 and Willy won 19.

This meant that Bowring were 26 up.

Fred Watkins led Glyn Hayward 9-4 early on before Glyn got him in the corners and ran out a 15 winner. Then Steve Parton always led Tom Cooper on the shorter marks and won 15. Nigel Simpson went 6-0 up in three ends before Neil battled back to win 20. Rob Roden lead Jimmy Fletcher 13-4 before Jimmy battled back to get 15.

But this still meant that Bowring were 44 up and pretty much had won their place in the Premier league.

At the back Bowring just had to get respectable scores and despite Simon Gerrard beating Josh Bradburn 13 from 12 across, Steve Worthington got the winning chalks. Andy Newman played well to lead Andy Jones 18-3 and eventually won 9. Then the other two games were closely fought before Steve Cox got the better of Ash Hammond 20 and Steve Worthington beat Dave Birch 16.

Bowring had eight winners and in front of a crowd of more than 350 

The winners Bowring, from left, Steve Cox, Steve Worthington, Peter Roden (captain), Dave Bicker, Glyn Hayward, Andy Jones:

Front, Roy Bradburn, Rich Lawson, Josh Bradburn, Rob Roden, Neil Harding, Steve Parton.

The gallant losers, Donnington Wood, Ashley Hammond, Simon Gerrard, Tom Cooper, Alan Meredith (captain), John Cooper, Andy Newman:

Front, Jim Fletcher, Brian Jarvis, Mark Williams, Nigel Simpson, Fred Watkins, Mark Selley