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2010 Playoffs  


Friday 8th October 

Report by James Garrison- Shropshire Star

Bylet displayed premier pedigree to preserve their place at the top table of Shropshire bowls – and inflict a second successive play-off heartache on Burway. The top flight wooden-spoonists ran out 15-chalk winners over the Tanners Shropshire League champions in last night’s play-off final at Meole Brace. It was an outcome that was rarely in doubt after Bylet – who won seven of the 12 games – spiked Burway’s big guns in a crucial first four. And it was fitting that Mick Harries, in his last match as captain of Bylet, should provide the winning chalk on the showpiece occasion of Shropshire bowls shortly after 9.30pm. One glance at his order emphasised that Duncan Pressley, skipper of the Ludlow-based premier league wannabes, was anxious to get off to a flying start. But it failed to materialise with Bylet winning three of the first four matches to lead by two in front of a crowd well in excess of 300. Pressley led by example for his side by defeating Rob Fuller 21-8. But a 21-17 victory for Simon Homer over Burway’s star performer Wayne Rogers gave Bylet the early momentum. Crucial Richard Morris made up for a slow start by easing to a 21-11 triumph over Len Lewis while Andy James edged out Mark Rogers 21-20. Trailing by two, Burway’s hopes fell on the shoulders of Simon Parsonage on the green where he played a crucial role in helping Shropshire lift the Crosfield Cup. Parsonage looked to have risen to the big occasion and, as he led Dave Ellis 18-10, the big victory Burway required looked possible. But Ellis staged a senstational fightback to run out a 21-19 winner, supplemented by victories for Paul Lill and Chris Chamberlain – to 15 and nine respectively – to put Bylet on the brink. Burway’s resistence in the middle was provided by Kiah Roberts, the 16-year-old once again highlighting his potential with a 21-16 triumph over Kevin Brazier. Despite their supporters being silenced by events on the green, Burway continued to battle to the end –notching three winners in the back four including a 21-20 victory for Chris Dovey over Harries. But the hard work had already been done by their Bridgnorth-based opponents and a 21-15 triumph for Nick Powner over Russell Davies put the finishing touches to an outcome which was inevitable from a long way out. It may have been a tough season – but this was Bylet’s night. l The final was preceeded by a minute’s silence for former Sir John Bayley bowler Steve Nicholls who died suddenly following a heart attack on Thursday.


Full Match details: 

                                        Bylet B .C                       V                              Burway  B.C. 

21 Simon Homer 1 Wayne Rogers 17
21 Andy James 2 Mark Rogers 20
21 Richard Morris 3 Len Lewis 11
8 Rob Fuller 4 Duncan Pressley 21
21 Dave Ellis 5 Simon Parsonage 19
16 Kevin Brazier 6 Kiah Roberts 21
21 Paul Lill 7 Steve Rogers 15
21 Chris Chamberlain 8 Shane Mulliner 9
21 Nick Powner 9 Russell Davies 15
20 Mick Harries 10 Chris Dovey 21
16 Greg Wale 11 Kevin Dovey 21
19 Tim Ealey 12 Joleyn Partridge 21
226       211

Pictured above, Bylet who will be playing the in Premier League in 2011 From Back (Left) Dave Ellis, Nick Powner, Richard Morris, Simon Homer, Andy James,  Paul Lill, Greg Wale. Fromt: Chris Chamberlain, Kevin Brazier, Mick Harries,  Rob Fuller, Tim Ealey. 

Pictured above tonight's gallant losers Burway, Back (from left) Mark Rogers, Len Lewis, , Kevin Dovey, Steve Rogers, Joleyn Partridge, Chris Dovey,  Shane Mulliner, Russell Davies Front Jack Parsonage, Wayne Rogers, Duncan Pressley, Simon Parsonage, Kiah Roberts, 

Tuesday 5th October 

Burway,  the Tanners Shropshire League winners turned on the style tonight when they overwhelmed Hanwood  by 74 shots at Donnington Wood tonight in match watched by over 200 spectators.  Burway led by 23 after the first four with Wayne Rogers the pick of their three winners wining 21-5. They extended their lead to 48 in the middle four with the impressive Kiah Roberts winning 21-11. The match was over when Burway's No 10 Chris Dovey won 21-10 and with another two winners, including Joleyn Partridges 21-7 card,  making nine in total, the South Shropshire club appear to be in fine form for the match against Bylet. This will take playcd at Meole Brace (Premier Green) on Thursday 7th October (start 7.00 pm) where the referee will be Mike Potter. 

Full Match details: 

                                Burway  B.C.                 v         Hanwood B.C

21 Wayne Rogers 1 Phil Price 5
16 Mark Rogers 2 Ben Talbot 21
21 Len Lewis 3 Russell Wellings 11
21 Duncan Pressley 4 Carl Bowers 19
21 Simon Parsonage 5 Phil Lyttle 12
21 Kiah Roberts 6 Dave Burton 11
20 Steven Rogers 7 Ashley Wellings 21
21 Shane Mulliner 8 Darren Phillips 14
21 Russell Davies 9 Phil Talbot 18
21 Chris Dovey 10 Andy Roberts 10
19 Kevin Dovey 11 Martin Pover 21
21 Joleyn Partridge 12 Steve Lacourse 7
244       170



Pictured above, Mike Potter (referee), Harwood's captain, Dave Burton, Burway's 

captain Duncan Pressley and John Coxill, League Competitions secretary


Wednesday 29th September 

Hanwood,  the Wem league winners beat the Highley league winners Abbey by 19 shots at Chester Road tonight in another match of high drama.  Abbey led by 15  after the first four with Sam Plant the pick of their three winners wining 21-10. However the middle four belonged to Hanwood and they picked up 26 shots and led by twelve going into the back four with Phil Lyttle winning 21-9. The match was nearly over when Hanwood stalwart Phil Talbot won 21-9 to put them 24 up, but Tom Roden was leading 15-0 and there was still hope, but the match was won when Darren Phillips won 21-14 and Hanwood will now play Burway at Donnington Wood next Tuesday (7.00 pm start) 

Full Match details: 

                                 Hanwood  B.C.                 v         Abbey B.C


17 Carl Bowers 1 William Plant 21
21 Phil Price 2 Pat Minton 16
10 Dave Burton 3 Sam Plant 21
16 Ben Talbot 4 Paul Evans 21
21 Phil Lyttle 5 Les Williams 9
21 Russell Wellings 6 Simon Oldcorn 20
21 Keith Phillips 7 Chris Hayward 17
21 Ashley Wellings 8 Bob Plant 11
21 Phil Talbot 9 Kane Beaman 9
21 Darren Phillips 10 Paul Yapp 14
21 Steve France 11 Alex Jones 18
6 Andy Roberts 12 Tom Roden 21
217       198

Pictured above, Hanwood who will play Burway on Tuesday 5th October

Back (from left):  Darren Philips, Dave Burton, Andy Roberts ,Phil Price ,Keith Phillips , Ashley Wellings, Steve France.

Front (from left): Phil Talbot, Ben Talbot, Phil Lyttle, Russell Wellings, Carl Bowers.


The gallant losers from tonight's match, Abbey

Back (from left): Paul Yapp, Bob Plant, Alex Jones, Kane Beaman, Chris Hayward, Paul Evans, Tom Roden (Captain).

Front (from left): Will Plant, Les Williams, Pat Minton, Sam Plant, Simon Oldcorn.




Tuesday 28th September 

Burway beat South Shropshire rivals Craven Arms tonight at Bylet in a match of changing fortunes and high emotion. Remarkably Craven Arms led by 30 shots after the first four with Ben James winning 21-4 and Terry Lucas winning 21-6 and with captain Phil Baker being one of two more winners in the middle four they still led by 23 shots after eight blocks. The Tanner League winners Burway then fought back and with a clean sweep of the back four, Joleon Partridge winning 21-8, they won 204-197 and must now wait for the winners of the Abbey v Hanwood semi final tomorrow.

Full Match details: 

                                            Burway B.C.                 v           Craven Arms B.C

6 Roy Crowther 1 Terry Lucas 21
4 Wayne Rogers 2 Ben James 21
14 Len Lewis 3 Nicky Beard 21
21 Duncan Pressley 4 Bert Morris 12
21 Simon Parsonage 5 Tony Cowdale 11
21 Kiah Roberts 6 Ian Bishop 15
17 Steven Rogers 7 Phil Baker 21
16 Shane Mulliner 8 Lee Wilding 21
21 Russell Davies 9 Colin Blent 13
21 Chris  Dovey 10 Russell Pugh 19
21 Kevin Dovey 11 Adam Ray 14
21 Joleon Partridge 12 Derek Bishop 8

Pictured above, Burway who won by 7.

Back (from left): Len Lewis, Duncan Pressley, Simon Parsonage, Jolyon Partridge, Steve Rogers, Roy Crowther, , . 

Front (from left): Wayne Rogers, , Kiah Roberts, Russell Davies (captain), .


Saturday 25th September 

Craven Arms beat Hanmer tonight at The Bowring in a match where both side had six winners. The difference between the two sides were three single figure wins for Craven Arms which led them to being 26 shots up after nine blocks and finished up by 19 shots overall.

Number one for Craven Arms, Nicky Beard won 21-7 and they never looked back although they only by two shots after the first four blocks. This was extended to 16 after 8 with captain Phil Baker taking the coppers with a 21-5 success. Colin Blent virtually made the match safe when he won 21-9 but Hanmer kept battling and will be pleased with their six winners.  Craven Arms will now play South Shropshire rivals Burway at Bylet on Tuesday night (7.00 pm start).

 Full Match details: 

                              Hanmer B.C.               v                  Craven Arms B.C

7 Simon Evans 1 Nicky Beard 21
17 Lee Peate 2 Terry Lucas 21
21 Rob Adams 3 Lee Wilding 14
21 Alan Faulkner 4 Ben James 12
21 Josh Bailey 5 Bert Morris 19
5 Eddie Broad 6 Phil Baker 21
21 John Scott 7 Ian Bishop 15
17 Dave Ellison 8 Clive Harrington 21
9 Matthew Scott 9 Colin Blent 21
21 Mike Townsend 10 Russell Pugh 17
19 Paul Mapp 11 Tony Cowdale 21
21 Graham Jones 12 Adam Ray 16
200       219



Tonight's winners, Craven Arms Back (from left)  Adam Ray Tony Cowdale, Clive Harrington Nicky Beard, Bert Morris, Phil Baker (captain) Ian Bishop
 Front: Colin Blent Terry Lucas, Ben James, Lee Wilding, Russell Pugh.


Hanmer , first time play off contenders pictured Back (from left) Dave Ellison (captain), Eddie Broad, John Scott , Matthew Scott, 

Simon Evans, Graham Jones, Rob Adams, Lee Peate. Seated Alan Faulkner, Mike Townsend, Josh Bailey.



Wednesday 22nd September

The Play Offs will commence on Saturday 25th September with Hanmer playing Craven Arms. The venue will the Bowring and the match will commence at 6.30 pm. The winners will play Burway on either Monday 27th or Tuesday 28th September. The match between Abbey and Hanwood will be played on Chester Road on Wednesday 29th September. The final match will be played on Saturday 2nd October or Tuesday 5th October. 



Sunday 19th September

I can now confirm that five clubs have applied for the end of season  play-offs. They are Hanmer (Market Drayton), Hanwood (Wem), Craven Arms (Ludlow), Abbey (Highley) and Burway (Shropshire). The most likely format will be one prelim, two semi finals and a final with the eventual winner playing Bylet in the period Thursday 7th October to Wednesday 13th October. As most teams have outstanding league commitments, I have asked each club for dates when they are available. The schedule of dates will then be made known.