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2011 Playoffs  



Friday 7th October


Bylet again reserved their best performance of the season to beat Hanwood by 26 and retain their Premier League status for 2012in front of a crowd of more than 300.

It looked like Hanwood would be in front off the first four but Tim Ealey recovered well from 17-8 down to win 21-20 and Bylet were 10 up. It was to change in the middle with Hanwood captain Dave Burton beating his Bylet captain Kevin Brazier 21-10 and although the returning Paul Lill won 21-11, Hanwood's Dan Williams and Eric Mansell won 15 and 13 respectively to put the Tanners Shropshire champions 5 up. This only galvanised the back four of Bylet who won all the back four cards and it was up to Brian Walters to play the winning bowl and Bylet retained their Premier League status.



  Bylet NO.


21 Nick Powner 1 Carl Bowers 17
20 Andrew James 2 Sam O'Nions 21
21 Rob Fuller 3 Ben Talbot 15
21 Tim Ealey 4 Russell Wellings 20
15 David Rawlings 5 Dan Williams 21
10 Kevin Brazier 6 Dave Burton 21
21 Paul Lill 7 Darren Phillips 11
13 Russell Morris 8 Eric Mansell 21
21 Matthew Ealey 9 John Lyttle 12
21 Chris Chamberlain 10 Phil Talbot 13
21 Michael Harries 11 Steve France 14
21 Brian Walters 12 Ash Wellings 14
226       200





Bylet, winners tonight and the first side to win consecutive Play off finals

Back (from left) Rob Fuller, Brian Walters, Craig Owen, Paul Lill Russell Morris, Nick Powner.

Front: Andy James, David Rawlins, Chris Chamberlain, Matt Ealey, Kevin Brazier (captain), Mick Harries, Tim Ealey


Hanwood, gallant losers at St Georges tonight

Back: Phil Talbot, Stave France, Dan Williams, Dave Burton (Captain), Ash Wellings, Eric Mansell

Front: Carl Bowers, Ben Talbot, John Lyttle, Russ Wellings, Darren Phillips.



Tuesday 4th October

Hanwood and Madeley Cricket Club were involved in an exciting and close match tonight and although Hanwood only had five winners, they were victorious by nine chalks overall.

First four and Hanwood had a great start. Sam O'Nions played well over 22m to win 7!  Ben played a 20m round peg well to win 12. But Madeley responded well with the John Roberts'. Both had cracking games but always seemed to have the edge to win 16 and 18.

Into the middle and John Madeley played well on round pegs to lead 9 3 whilst Chris Lodge was 15 9 up on Dave Burton (Berty) in a clash of the two captains. But Eric Mansell was always a few up on the longer marks as he led 17 10. Rob Beddows played really well to lead 20 5 and with Les pulling back on Eric Mansell too it looked like Madeley may turn it around. John Madeley won 17, and Rob Beddows came off winning 8. But Berty had turned it round in the corners winning 19 and Eric edged out Les 18 so Hanwood led by 3 going into the back four.

At the back, and it was anybody's. Darren Phillips led 5-0, but Kev Lavelle pulled it back. Steve France and Si Madeley had an epic game, Si Madeley was licking every bowl Steve put up but Steve pulled out some great fires to keep in the game. But the game that swung it Hanwood's way was their stalwart Phil Talbot. He went from 8-5 up to win 8 on this round peg as he turned the game on its head. Les Mumford though was 9-3 up but then Ash got back to lead 16-14 and with Darren 17-18 and Si Madeley and Steve France 15 across Hanwood had won. Madeley managed to see out the back three to actually win the 7 games to 5 but Hanwood had made it across the line.

Good crowd, good atmosphere and Hanwood take on Bylet on Friday on St Georges bottom green. Should be a great night!

Tonight's two captains, Dave Burton (left) with Chris Lodge (Right) and Match referee Barry Jennings



Happy Hanwood celebrate tonights success


Match Score:-

  MadeleyCC NO. Hanwood  
21 John Roberts (Jnr) 1 Russell Wellings 16
12 Geoff Clarke 2 Ben Talbot 21
21 John Roberts (Snr) 3 Carl Bowers 18
7 Ian Tipton 4 Sam O'Nions 21
21 John Madeley 5 Phil Lyttle 16
19 Chris Lodge 6 Dave Burton 21
17 Les Williams 7 Eric Mansell 21
21 Rob Beddows 8 Dan Williams 8
21 Kevin Lavelle 9 Darren Phillips 20
21 Simon Madeley 10 Steve France 18
8 John Picken 11 Phil Talbot 21
21 Les Mumford 12 Ash Wellings 18
210       219



Friday 30th September

Hanwood, crowned The Tanners Shropshire League winners last week, were too powerful for Market Drayton League winners, Hanmer at Hadley USC tonight, eventually winning by 44 chalks. Hanwood had the first eight winners and were always in control. They never looked back after the first four as Sam O'Nions led 19-6 on short marks, Russell Wellings led about 15-7, Carl Bowers was always a few up but Ben Talbot was 11- 9 down. Sam got over the line with a real'un to win 12, Ben then ran out on a 20m round peg, Carl won 14 in a good quality game and Russell held off a spirited fight back to win 18.

Into the middle and Hanmer needed some big card quick. But it didn't happen as Dan raced about 8-0 in the lead, Phil Lyttle led 13-4 on a mark over the crown and Eric Mansell led 13-1 on a round peg, but Dave was struggling at 10-5 down. David Ellison then got back at Dan and actually led 17-16 before Dan got out 18. Simon and Paul did erode their opponent's leads but still lost 12 and 15 respectively. Dave then got back in in the corners and won 17 to give Hanwood an unassailable lead of 51.

Hanmer though didn't let their heads go down and actually had a good start in three of the four matches. Jonathan Scott led 10-1, Michael Townsend was a few up and Graham Jones led 11-7. But Steve France was 10-0 up on a round peg. In the end all the games ended up close with Hanmer edging three out of the four but the game was well up by that time.

So Hanwood play Madeley CC at Prees on Tuesday now.

Full Match scores:-

Hanmer NO. Hanwood  
14 Lee Peate 1 Carl Bowers 21
11 Alan Faulkner 2 Ben Talbot 21
12 Richard Pullen 3 Sam O'Nions 21
18 Graham Faulkner 4 Russell Wellings 21
18 David Ellison 5 Dan Williams 21
17 Rob Adams 6 Dave Burton 21
15 Paul Mapp 7 Phil Lyttle 21
12 Simon Evans 8 Eric Mansell 21
21 Jonathan Scott 9 Darren Phillips 16
21 Paul Gleave 10 Steve France 20
21 Mike Townsend 11 Jon Lyttle 18
19 Graham Jones 12 Phil Talbot 21
199       243



Tanners Shropshire winners, Hanwood, tonight's winners

Back (from left ) Dan Williams, Steve France, Dave Burton (captain), Eric Mansell, Sam O'nions, Phil Talbot.

Front Jon Lyttle, Phil Lyttle,  Ben Talbot, Russell Wellings, Carl Bowers, Darren Phillips. 


Hanmer, Market Drayton League winners who lost to Hanwood tonight 

Back (from left) Paul Mapp, Richard Pullen. Jonathan Scott. Graham Jones. Matthew Scott (Manager) Simon Evans Paul Cleave

Front Mike Townsend Graham Faulkner Rob Adams Alan Faulkner Dave Ellison captain Lee Peate

Wednesday 28th September

Madeley Cricket Club, the Highley League winners, proved too good for last years beaten finalists Burway at St Georges tonight. They led by 19 after four blocks with Ian Tipton winning 21-6 and whilst Simon Parsonage was well up in his match, he lost 21-20 and Wayne Rogers was their only winner in the first four. Burway reduced the deficit to 14 after the next four blocks and looked good at the start of the back four with two cards well up but they bost lost and Madeley won by 25 and will now play the winners of the Hanwood v Hanmer match on Friday.


SCORE Burway NO. Madeley CC SCORE
20 Simon Parsonage 1 John Roberts (Jnr) 21
21 Wayne Rogers 2 Chris Lodge 18
6 Len Lewis 3 Ian Tipton 21
15 Duncan Pressley 4 John Roberts (Snr) 21
21 Roy Crowther 5 Geoff Clarke 11
12 Kiah Roberts 6 John Madeley 21
21 Ben Allen 7 Pete Jones 11
15 Steven Rogers 8 Les Williams 21
16 Chris  Dovey 9 Kevin Lavelle 21
21 Russell Davies 10 Rob Beddows 15
11 Nick Lewis 11 Les Mumford 21
19 Jolyon Partridge 12 John Picken 21
198 223


Highley League winners, Madeley CC won by 25 tonight

Back (from left : John Roberts (Snr), Les Williams, Geoff Clarke, Les Mumford, Kevin Lavelle, Ian Tipton

Front: Chris Lodge (captain) Rob Beddows, John Roberts (Jnr), Pete Jones, John Picken.



Luflow League winners, Burway semi final losers tonight,

Back: Nick Lewis, Roy Crowther, Jolyon Partidge, Duncan Pressley, Chris Dovey, Len Lewis.

Front: Wayne Rogers, Steve Rogers, Ben Allen, Simon Parsonage, Kiah Roberts, Russell Davies (captain)


Sunday 25th September

I can now confirm that four clubs have applied for the end of season  play-offs. They are Hanmer (Market Drayton), Hanwood (Tanners Shropshire), Madeley Cricket Club (Highley) and Burway (Ludlow). There will be two semi finals played this week and on a final played on Tuesday 4th October.  The first match will be between Burway and Madeley CC on Wednesday 28th September at St Georges (Non Premier) Start 7.00 PM and the second will be played between Hanmer and Hanwood at Hadley USC on Friday 30th September Start 7.00 PM.