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2012 Playoffs  


Friday 5th October

In one of the best and closest Play off finals ever played and certainly one of the noisiest, the team from South Shropshire, Burway achieved their dream of playing in the Premier League with a six shot success over Hadley USC at Archibald Worthington tonight. 


Burway celebrate their final success


First four saw Jamie Wyre play very well in the corners to lead Simon Parsonage 13 5. But Len Lewis led Phil King 13 6 on a straight mark. Dave and Wayne were having a close game as well as Simon and Kiah. Phil couldn't get back into his game though and came off losing 9. But Jamie still led Simon 20 11 despite a spirited fightback. Dave and Wayne had a good game with not a lot in it but Wayne just had the edge and won 17. Simon though was producing an excellent comeback against Jamie down the side of the green and got back to 19. Simon Homer and Kiah we're having an excellent game and Simon only took it by running out from 17 14 down on a round peg to and from the quick corner.

So after four, Burway led by 11.

Into the middle and Roy Crowther always had the edge over Ayden and maintained this to win 13. Hadley then had to good cards go for them, Thommo leading around 12 6 and John Price leading 15 3. But Burway battled back and Steve turned it round on a straight mark to lead 20 16. But Thommo then got back to 20 across and led a good'un only for Gerrard to clear the green apart from his first wood to win 20. Ben battled back against John in the corners to get back to 13. Eric and Chris had an exceptional game with Chris producing some excellent woods to win 19.

So after 8 Burway were 13 up.

Burway then looked to be comfortably gaining their place in the prem with Jolyon leading 18 12 and the others game close. But Simmo played well down the side to run out and put Hadley back in it. At this stage Lee Bowden was 12 10 down, Nick Howells 11 8 against a crowd playing Russ Davies and Steve Homer 10 4 up. So it wasn't over just yet. Kevin Dovey then went 17 10 up on Lee whilst Steve Homer was 15 4 up over the middle and Nick Howells 16 11 up. Lee scrambled 14 despite some fantastic woods by Kevin. It left Burway 17 up with Steve Homer 18 6 up and Nick Howells 18 14. Duncan though battled to 9 and when Russ got to 18 17 down Burway had sealed their place in the premier league for the 2013 season.


SCORE Hadley USC   Burway SCORE
21 Jamie Wyer 1 Simon Parsonage 19
9 Phil King 2 Len Lewis 21
17 Dave Price 3 Wayne Rogers 21
21 Simon Homer 4 Kiah Roberts 17
13 Auden Smith 5 Roy Crowther 21
20 Iain Thomas 6 Steven Rogers 21
19 Eric Winstone 7 Chris Dovey 21
21 John Price 8 Ben Allen 13
21 Chris Simpson 9 Jolyon Partridge 18
14 Lee Bowden 10 Kevin Dovey 21
20 Nick Howells 11 Russell Davies 21
21 Steve Homer 12 Duncan Pressley 9
217           223






Hadley USC


Wednesday 3rd October


Burway, the Tanners Shrewsbury and Ludlow League winners, ran out winners against Market Drayton League winners Hanmer at Wrockwardine Wood tonight by 34 shots. It looked a comfortable night for the South Shropshire side as they led by by 33 chalks after five blocks with young star Kiah Roberts winning 21-4 and stalwart Roy Crowther winning to nine. However the North Shropshire side staged a great recovery led by Daniel Hughes who won to 8, When Dave Ellison won 21-8 at number nine, Hanmer briefly ked by for until Chris Dovey won 21-17 to leave the match all square after nine blocks. The last three for Burway all had solid starts and the game was effectively over when Kevin Dovey won 21-6 leaving them one shot short of victory and the match was won soon after and with both Russell Davies and Duncan Pressley winning it was 34 overall success.






19  Steve Tyler 1 Simon Parsonage 21
21 Carl Pemberton 2 Wayne Rogers 20
4 Alan Faulkner 3 Kiah Roberts 21
18 Mike Gilpin 4 Len Lewis 21
9 Marcus Hughes 5 Roy Crowther 21
21 Paul Hallott 6 Ben Allen 10
21   Daniel Hughes 7 Steven Rogers 8
17  Jonathan Scott 8 Chris Dovey 21
21 Dave Ellison 9 Jolyon Partridge 8
16 Simon Evans   10 Russell Davies 21
6 Richard Pullen  11 Kevin Dovey 21
7 Graham Jones  12 Duncan Pressley 21
180   214


Tanners Shrewsbury and Ludlow League winners, Burway Back (from left): Roy Crowther, Kiah Roberts, Jolyon Partridge, Steven Rogers, Chris Dovey, Claire Williams, Duncan Pressley, Len Lewis. Front: Wayne Rogers, Ben Allen, Kevin Dovey, Russell Davies, Simon Parsonage.



Market Drayton League winners, Hanmer Back (from Left)  Graham Jones, Paul Hallott, Daniel Hughes, Simon Evans, Jonathan Scott, Richard Pullen, Steve Tyler.

Front: Marcus Hughes, Mike Gipin, Dave Ellison, Carl Pemberton, Alan Faulkner



Hadley USC, the Mid Shropshire League winners, ran out comfortable winners against Wem League winners Hanwood at Prees by 66 shots.

As soon as Jamie Wyre raced 11-1 up on Carl Bowers Hanwood was always up against it. Carl though did get back in it at around 15-8 down in the corners but Jamie won 10. Wayne Phillips though was around 9-2 up on a round peg on Simon Homer and Phil Talbot had got a lead on Phil King up and to the crown, but Dave Price was leading Russ Wellings in the corners. Simon Homer though grinded his way back into the match but couldn't quite get in front and Wayne won 19. The two Phil's had a good game which King edged 18, whilst Russ got a few back at the end to and from the crown to get 15.

So Hadley were 18 up off four.

In the middle and Hanwood needed some winners. Ash led Clint around 6-2 on a straight mark but Clint got back in and was in front on a long round peg at 16-13, but Ash came back and Clint won 19. The big match-winning card came from Eric Winstone. He led Ben Talbot 19-1 on a round peg before winning 21-4. At this point Danno led Ayd 12-6 but Thommo was 12-6 up in the corners on Dave Burton. But Ayd then played a round peg on the side of the green to win 13. Dave and Thommo then had an epic game which Thommo edged 19.

Into the back and Hadley led by 46, virtually game over.

Nick was always comfortable on a straight mark against Phil and won 11. John was only around 13-10 up before winning 13, whilst Steve Homer and Darren Phillips had a good game which Steve won 15, and Payney played very well to come back against Nick and win 16. But by this time the game was well over.


Score Hadley USC   Hanwood Score
21 Jamie Wyre 1 Carl Bowers 10
21 Phil King 2 Phil Talbot 18
19 Simon Homer 3 Wayne Phillips 21
21 Dave Price 4 Russ Wellings 15
21 Phil Clinton 5 Ash Wellings 19
21 Ayden Smith 6 Dan Williams 13
21 Ian Thomas 7 Dave Burton 19
21 Eric Winstone 8 Ben Talbot 4
21 Nick Mullinder 9 Phil Lyttle 11
21 John Price 10 Steve France 13
21 Steve Homer 11 Darren Phillips 15
16 Nick Howells 12 Dave Payne 21
245       179


Hadley USC, Mid Shropshire winners, From left: Lee Bowden, Ian Thomas, Jamie Wyre, Simon Homer, Nick Howells, Nick Mullinder, Steve Homer, John Price, Phil King, Dave Price Ayden Smith
Missing from picture: Phil Clinton, Eric Winstone



Hanwood, Wem League winners, Back from left: Dan Williams, Phil Talbot, Wayne Phillips, Dave Burton, Ash Wellings, Darren Phillips
Front from left: Mark Shore, Dave Payne, Russ Wellings, Phil Lyttle, Ben Talbot, Carl Bowers
Missing from picture: Steve France

Friday 28th September

The playoffs involves four teams as Hanwood clinched the Wem league last night. 

Both semi finals will be played on Wednesday 3rd October and the draw is as follows :- 

Hadley USC v Hanwood at Prees (New Green) 

Hanmer v Burway at Wrockwardine Wood (Premier Green) 

Both matches start at 7.00 pm. 

When both winners are known I will confirm the date and venue for the final.