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2013 Playoffs  


Friday 4th October


Play Off Final - Archibald Worthington v Hanwood at Hadley USC

Archy survive but only just!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The match had one chalk in it after four blocks, was level after eight and with the last two games on the green the result could have gone either way, but Archibald Worthington retained their Premier League status by three precious chalks thanks to a 21-5 card by Dave Gourlay at number 12! The match had everything and was keenly tested throughout and their some great comebacks on both sides on a green that punished short bowls and quick on all the edges.

Full Match score:-

Archibald Worthington



Ged Ashley 10 v 21 Wayne Phillips
Lee Peate 21 v 13 Russ Wellings
Alan Ball 21 v 12 Ben Talbot
Paul Smith 16 v 21 Dave Burton
Paul Gleave 20 v 21 Mark Parsons
Gary Whitehall 21 v 14 Gareth Ingram
Rob Adams 18 v 21 Phil Lyttle
John Paddington 17 v 21 Mark Shore
Paul Bradley 16 v 21 Carl Bowers
Steve Plant 21 v 19 Steve France
Greg Fordham 11 v 21 Ash Wellings
Dave Gourlay 21 v 5 Phil Talbot


Archibald Worthington, retain their Premier League status, 

Back (from left) Paul Bradley, Steve Plant, Paul Smith, Gary Whitehall, Alan Ball, John Paddington (captain)

Front: Paul Gleave, Dave Gourlay, Rob Adams, Greg Fordham, Ged Ashley, Lee Peate. 

Hanwood, so close tonight in achieving premier league status 

Back Wayne Phillips, Mark Shore, Mark Parsons, Steve france, Phil Talbot, Dave Burton

Front: Carl Bowers, Ben talbot (Joint Captain), Phil Lyttle, Ashley Wellings (Joint Captain), Russ Wellings, Gareth Ingram


Tuesday 1st October

I have issued a document to all Management Committee members tonight in respect of the fact that Paul Hallott for Hanmer has only played one league match for Hanmer in the 2013 season.

The document contained the facts to the best of my knowledge about a request made by Dave Ellison in August of this year. On the basis that Paul was not able to fulfil the minimum of six league matches on a Friday for the Market Drayton side, I did give Dave permission to play Paul on the basis that he was a genuine Hanmer club member and that he played for another side within the club. Unfortunately I did not establish at the time that he would only play one league match during the entire season and either I did not ask the right question or I did not understand what Dave said. 

The current Management Rule concerning non premier clubs for the playoffs is as follows:-

“To be eligible to play in a play off match a selected player must not have played in any premier league game in that season and have played at least six league games in that season for the team wishing to join the league.  In the event of a team being unable to provide a full compliment of players then the Management Committee (whose decision shall be final and binding) will rule on the eligibility of other players.”   

The Management Committee have reviewed my document and I gave them three options which were as follows:-


1. Paul Hallott is considered an “ineligible” player and Dave Burton his opponent last night is given a 21-0 score and the match awarded to Hanwood.


2. The match is replayed and Paul Hallott is not allowed to play as he has not played six league matches for Hanmer


3. The result is allowed to stand as permission was given for him to play by the League Secretary, but Paul Hallott is not allowed to play in the match against Archibald Worthington.

The Management Committee have decided that "Paul Hallott is considered an “ineligible” player and Dave Burton his opponent last night is given a 21-0 score and the match awarded to Hanwood.".

This means that Archibald Worthington will now play Hanwood this Friday. The venue is Hadley USC and the match will commence at 7.00 PM.

Mark Burroughs

League Secretary

Monday 30th September


The match started evenly and in an exciting and tense finish, Hanmer put their previous play off heartaches behind them and will play in their first final against Archibald Worthington this Friday.

Match Report

First four and really all the games were close. Ben played a difficult corner mark to get a good lead and then went from 16-12 up to win 13. Dave Burton played well in the corners to lead 10-5 before Paul Hallott  played a great bowl to get in and then had the better of the exchanges to win 16. Wayne had a very close game with Mike Gilpin with nothing really in between them but Wayne managed to get over the line 19. Russ Wellings again had a good game with Simon, Simon making a break on a round peg to win 16.

So after 4, all level.

Into the middle and a couple of what looked like decisive cards for Hanwood. Mark Parsons led 16-4 on the side of the green and converted it into an 8 win. Mark Shore was 9-1 down against an impressive Joey Williams but using his knowledge of the green got back to 10 across on a round peg and then ran out from 14 across. The other two games were close in the middle. Gareth Ingram recovering from an early 7-2 deficit against Graham Dulson to get back into the game on a round peg. But Graham got on a longer mark and won 15. Craig Griffiths and Ash Wellings was an extremely close game over mostly shorter marks, with Craig winning 19.

So Hanwood led by 12 going into the back four.

But then after hitting the block off twice early on and running the block through, Jonathan Scott went 18-7 up on Phil Talbot, mainly on a long straight mark. But Phil got 14 and this looked valuable. Steve France then was 19-13 up, making a break on a straight mark from 13 across, before Dave Ellison gained a valuable 5 chalks to get 18, but Hanwood were still 8 up. Dave was 9-1 up over the middle on Mel, but Mel got in the corners and played very well to turn the game on its head. Carl was 11 across before Dan Hughes got on a straight mark to lead 19-11. Mel led Dave 18-10 before Dave got back in. Hanwood needed to score 17 apiece to take the game into a 3 man playoff. But both were game down with Carl 20-14 down and Dave 19-11 down, but pulled out great bowls to keep the match alive. Carl was then two on at 17-20 down, two foot in front, but Dan ran into the back of one wood to knock that out and count for game. Dave was making a spirited fightback at the time and was 19-13 down and one on before knocking Mel in, but Mel didn't make game. Mel than put two woods a foot away next end, and despite Dave making a great effort to win the end, it wasn't enough and Mel won 13 to spark delirious scenes from the Hanmer lads and supporters.

Hanmer win by 4 and will play Archibald Worthington on Friday. The green will be announced tomorrow.

Full Scores

Hanwood   Hanmer  
1 Dave Burton 16 Paul Hallott 21
2 Ben Talbot 21 Marcus Hughes 13
3 Russ Wellings 16 Simon Tyler 21
4 Wayne Phillips 21 Mike Gilpin 19
5 Mark Parsons 21 Graham Faulkner 8
6 Mark Shore 21 Joey Williams 14
7 Gareth Ingram 15 Graham Dulson 21
8 Ash Wellings 19 Craig Griffiths 21
9 Phil Talbot 14 Jonathan Scott 21
10 Steve France 21 Dave Ellison 18
11 Dave Payne 13 Mel Jenkins 21
12 Carl Bowers 17 Dan Hughes 21
    215     219



Hanmer , tonight's winners by 4 chalks

Jonathan Scott, Graham Dulson, Dan Hughes, Craig Griffiths, Paul Hallott, Simon Tyler, Mike Gilpin,

Front Richard Pullen, Mel Jenkins, Dave Ellison, Alan Faulkner, Graham Faulkner, Joey Williams.


Hanwood, tonight's gallant losers

Phil Talbot, Wayne Phillips, Mark Parsons, Mark Shore, Dave Burton, Steve France.

Ben Talbot, Ash Welliings, Russ Wellings, Dave Payne, Carl Bowers, Gareth Ingram


Saturday 21st  September

The playoffs involves two teams this year and Hanwood and Hanmer are on course to win two leagues! 

The pre play off match will be played on Monday 30th September and will be played at the Bowring (Premier Green), match to  start at 7.00 pm. 

When the winner is known I will confirm the date and venue for the match against Archibald Worthington.