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Sponsored head/facial shave

The event was held at St George's Sports & Social Club on Saturday 9th November.

All proceeds were for the Nicholas Rhodes Lymphoma Fund and the monies are to be distributed between: Birmingham Children's Hospital and Ward 2 at The Princess Royal Hospital, Telford. Nicholas is presently receiving treat at the two hospitals for, 'T Cell Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma'

Despite the fact that Nicholas is in Birmingham Children's Hospital at the moment under going treatment for an infection, he was able to be present at the sponsored head/facial shave. Enormous thanks go to all the doctors and nurses at the hospital as they knew how important it was for Nicholas to be there. The evening was a great success and excelled all our expectations as monies pledged so far are in excess of 2000.00 (and still collecting). 

As these pictures show, the event started with Matthew Rhodes, Tony Rhodes and Ian Gaut, who were first for the chop.  Nicholas assisted by his mom Amanda started the shave on Matthew, his brother. I attended to Tony and Samantha (Tony's sister) attended to Ian.


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Many, Many thanks go to J.D Hair Design from Albrighton who gave there time to help stage this event. 

Enormous THANKS go to everyone who has helped raise these monies either by agreeing to have their heads shaved or by donating to what we all agree is such a worthy cause. 

Special thanks go to business's who kindly donated prizes for the raffle, they are: 

Asda, Telford

W.H. Smith, Telford

Debenhams, Telford

The Tandori Kitchen, Donnington

and everyone who donated a prize, and a special thank you to Amy who collected over 150 on the raffle.

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      Who is it?

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Foot Note.

We will be hoping to hold an auction in the early part of the New Year of sporting memorabilia. We look forward to seeing you all again then.


Once again many thanks to everyone involved in making last night such a success and to Nicholas for having the determination to make sure he was there.

If you wish to make a donation, please contact Mirjana Gaut on Telford (01952) 411532

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